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2023 Event Dates: Spring 1 is May 12-14 and Spring 2 is June 9-11.

Fall 1 is Sept 8-10 and Fall 2 is Oct 6-8

Registration for events will be through the database at rhiven.talesofvalor.com

Covid Protocols for 2023:

  1. We ask that all members of the community by vaccinated for Covid 19. We ask that you bring your card (or a picture of it) to show proof of vaccination when checking in at the first game you play in a year.
  2. Please test before and after the event regardless of whether you have symptoms. Please note that we do not require you to show proof of having done so, this is honor system.
  3. Any other protocols will be determined if need arises. Please regularly check the facebook group, discord, or forum leading up to the event to see if there are any announcements.