Tales of Valor

Welcome to Tales of Valor: Fellowship

Our Website is currently undergoing a major redesign as we build a new Character DB Site.

Our second campaign, which ran for 14 years, has just ended in the Spring of 2019 and we are feverishly working on the new Campaign that will officially begin in the Spring of 2020.


Our Beta Rules and Lore for the new Campaign have been published and can be found using the links up above. These are the rules that will be in effect for the Playtest but may change before the first full Event in the Spring of 2020.


In the Fall of 2019, Our Playtest is OCT 6-8th for the new Campaign Systems.

Separate Mealplan Signup $20.00 USD Per Person

Fall 2019 Playtest: OCT 4th-6th

All Character Concepts must be approved ahead of time! Email your concept to tov3staff@googlegroups.com for approval.

Event options: